break even

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make neither profit nor loss

attain a level at which there is neither gain nor loss, as in business, gambling, or a competitive sport

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The bank said that it could break even in 2015 if the central bank's rate cuts are in line with its expectations.
Mums living in the North tend to need to work for a week less a year than those living in the South of England to break even on their childcare costs, researchers said.
We are working with health boards to analyse the position and deliver plans to break even.
Therefore in order to break even the club agreed to the sales of Joleon Lescott, Seol Ki-Hyeon and Lee Naylor.
For once, we think we can achieve to break even and cover our city cost,'' said Dan Labrado, city director of recreation and community services.
DUBLIN'S Luas tram system is expected to break even by the end of next year, a report has claimed.
Cost/volume/profit (CVP) analysis can be used to determine how many products must be sold in order to break even or reach a target profit and also to calculate the margin of safety for a business proposal Panel 1 contains the formulas for these calculations.
The company's chairman claimed that Air Arabia was the first airline in the Middle East to break even in its first year.
The BEA process requires the quantification of fixed and variable costs in order to identify the price of products and services or to determine the volume of services needed to break even financially.
The formula for the break even point that we showed you in the March issue tells you the revenue you need, to sell to cover direct costs and overhead, but it doesnt include profit.
The combination of fixed cost and revenue perspectives helps to define the minimum scale required for each element of a company's distribution operation to break even.
And belaboring the point, even at a $99 price, you'd break even at about 0.
Duthel says Rendez-Vous will break even with the help of government contributions, private sponsors, souvenir sales, registration fees, and cultural events.
Many growers consider $35 the price they need to break even.
The first step is to determine the number of packages that need to be served to break even.