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a form of solo dancing that involves rapid acrobatic moves in which different parts of the body touch the ground

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Break dancing has become an increasingly popular pastime among Lebanese youth.
It is run by a US-returned social worker called Netarpal Singh, aka B-boy He Ra, who is credited with bringing break dancing to the slum children of Dharavi in Bombay.
The art of break dancing, known also as B-Boying or breaking, started in the late 1970s in the Bronx, NY and is an important element of hip-hop culture.
Whatever the case maybe, break dancing - an athletic urban dance form that originated from the streets of urban America - has become a popular pastime in the Kingdom.
Somersaults and back handsprings give way to hand hops and top rocking and six-steps and freezes (posing in a dance move) and other such fundamental break dancing moves.
Break dancing is a popular activity in teenagers and is associated with severe trauma to bones and tissues.
A BREAK dancing troupe fly the flag for Birmingham this weekend as it attempts to win through to the world championships.
But one thing he was less keen to attempt was the break dancing moves.
Last year she drafted in ahip-hop and break dancing coach who taught the children how to strike the athletic poses made by American street kids.
Some learn the basics of break dancing the way many young Americans do: from hip-hop videos on MTV.
If you're one of those people who thinks break dancing went the way of parachute pants, Flock of Seagulls records and Molly Ringwald movies, 23-year-old Seattle resident Jenna Hikida has news for you: Not only is breakin' alive and well, but after all these years, it's finally come out of the closet.
Centre manager Des Farrell said: "The Summer In The City event will see a three-day showcase of Latin music and dance, an African Trio demonstrating African Culture, Urban DJ with break dancing exhibitions and much, much more.
Teaching its viewers of the different techniques and progression of break dancing.
She said: "Activities have been diverse and included eco-sculpture, flower arranging, work with Huddersfield Library, African drumming, singing, dancing, Black History Month, break dancing, fashion design and more.
Hip-Hop: the popular culture of big city and especially inner-city youth, characterized by Graffiti art, Break dancing and rap music; of or relating to this culture (The American Heritage College Dictionary, Third Edition).