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In February, OECS leaders called on the Nevis Island Administration to review its move to hold a referendum on whether Nevis, which has a population of 10,080, should break away from the 68-square mile (176 square km) St.
William Whitener, artistic director of Kansas City Ballet, said his Duets dancers (pictured in rehearsal are Holly Zimmerman and Christopher Barksdale) had worked hard to break away from balletic habits in details such as hand positions, adjust to working in parallel, and develop increased mobility in the back and the more weighted plie needed for Cunningham's work.
While this makes it easier to bunt the ball, it does retard the break away from the plate.
Still, in capturing his own experience, Berlanti found himself gravitating toward yet another group portrait of a light-knit circle of friends: "I knew I wanted to show a group of friends, where one character is trying to break away and one character is just entering the group, Some of the characters are autobiographical--I had an on-again, off-again [romance] like the Howie character myself, But I really borrowed the design and structure from movies about straight friends like Parenthood, Breaking Away, Diner, and Hannah and Her Sisters.
Outer booms have a hydraulically dampened break away system that allows boom to break away upon contact with an obstruction, then self return after clearing the obstacle.
ONE of Ireland's leading racecourses has elected to break away from the official line of its governing body over the proposed Turf Club-Irish Horseracing Authority merger.
They need a structural support system to break away.
Most of the people in our communities just don't see the advantage of using technology and it's up to those who know to make it accessible to them," says Loeb, founder and president of Break Away Technologies, a nonprofit organization that provides low-cost computer training and Internet access.
Tremper also conducts a series of tests to see how much force is needed to make the snowpack shear and break away.
At one end, vertical slabs would break away from the wall to form separate departments and conference halls.
Only when NPR makes certain that it does "not have that commercial bent at all" (to return to the quote from Delano Lewis) can it truly be called "public" radio; and only when NPR rids itself of the twin perils of corporate money and government meddling can it possibly break away from the commercial pack and regularly air those "alternative points of view" so often rendered mute in our national dialogues.
And we're trying to break away from a dedicated mother ship," he says.
MAVERICK's talented staff is dedicated to helping our clients break away from the business inefficiencies they face.
Break Away Belize Travel has a limited number of slots for visitors who want to dive with whale sharks, and they offer special whale shark diving vacation packages at affordable rates.
But a spokesman for Yes Scotland, which supports First Minister Alex Salmond's bid to break away from the UK, said: "The aspiration to independence is about making Scotland a fairer country.