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one whose earnings are the primary source of support for their dependents

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Manama: More than 130,000 Bahraini breadwinners have so far been registered for cash payouts they will receive once government meat subsidies are scrapped.
It tells the story of Parvana, a girl living under the Taliban who has to disguise herself as a boy and become the breadwinner when her father is jailed.
Data from this program revealed that 52% of participating breadwinner moms were single and 32% were divorced.
Most of the breadwinners of those homes are ordinary workers in the Gulf who cannot afford such a luxury.
The monthly income of the family members who are staying with the breadwinner will also be considered.
He said that Ms Lebbe was the only breadwinner for her family after her husband Abdulqadir Mohammed Shakab, who was working as a cook in a seaside restaurant, was killed by a tsunami in December 2003.
Meanwhile, men do not view women's role as a breadwinner as being particularly important, with just 16% saying they valued the financial stability their partner provided.
Only 29% wanted to be a traditional breadwinner while their partner looked after the children and the home.
Leading researchers from Newcastle University revealed that men born in the post-war baby boom see themselves as the family breadwinner.
For the young family, life insurance is the one product that can solve the financial security problem if the breadwinner dies prematurely.
Randal Estrada asked for a financial hardship waiver because he was the family's sole breadwinner.
I consider my husband, a security manager, the main breadwinner.
COUPLES where the man is the breadwinner are ``disappearing into obscurity'', according to a new report.
The ILO's definition of social security coverage involves access to health care and income security for the old, sick, unemployed, invalid and injured, as well as in case of maternity or loss of a breadwinner.