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Synonyms for breadroot

densely hairy perennial of central North America having edible tuberous roots

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Squares with no blemishes Some familiar words in ACHALASIA ACHALASIA OED CRENIDENS OED karanteen, Crenidens crenidens, or the larger bamboo-fish HEXANDRIC OED ANABOLITE Chambers, under anabolism LINOLENIN Web2 ADDLEHEAD Web2, under addle SERINETTE OED INITIATOR OED ASCENDERS OED ascender; or ASCENDERE OED ascension, Latin precursor APPETISES The Electronic Alveary, OED has appetize vb PARSONESE OED parson PRECISION OED; or PRECISION OED ESCULENTA Psoralea esculenta, Chambers bread, breadroot TOILETTES OSPD INSETTERS OED insetter SEINTEFIE OED ESOTERIZE OED SENASSEES OED senassee FOSSICEPS Aenictogiton fossiceps dilutum, ITISa OCTAGONAL OED STERNESSE OED sternness; or STURNESSE OED sternness SARKINITE OED IGNICOLOR Duellmanohyla ignicolor nuda, ITISa COENOSARE TC *,'?
Breadroot Scurfpea--Psoralea esculenta; a perennial herb, family Leguminosae, which has large, tuberous roots.
Students randomly selected twenty-five specimens each of five species (Shooting-Star, Dodecatheon meadia; Blue-eyed Grass, Sisyrinchium albidum; Nashville Breadroot, Pediomelum subacaulis; Nashville Mustard, Leavenworthia stylosa; and Star-Grass, Hypoxis hirsuta) from the cedar glades at Flat Rock, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.