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Synonyms for breadbox

a container used to keep bread or cake in


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The Vigore Breadbox won Design of the Year in Europe in 2010 with its clean and contemporary, easy access design.
Among these are the Community Breadbox, Day-End Dough-Nation and other special programs.
The Breakbulk Africa Congress was sponsored by Kuehne & Nagel, Breadbox Shipping, Precision Specialized, Port of New Orleans, UTi, CMA-CGM, Heestership/ Copenship, Universal Africa Line, Cordstrap, Canada States Africa Line, Lanisource Project Logistics, Fairseas International, Darka Sudan & Fast Global Logistics.
The other category winners were Steve Noyes, for professional bigger than a breadbox (a rocking chair); Mike Tyrell for amateur bigger than a bread box (a rocking chair); Steve Voorhies for amateur smaller than a breadbox (oriental spice cabinet); and Chelan High School students Javier Mata and Gilberto Salmeron for their comment box.
The more defensive plants may not end up in your backyard soil patch, but they'll probably make it (in some form) to your breadbox or pantry.
For example, Biederman and others [1982] show that when a cylindrical object is placed in a kitchen it is more likely to be recognized as a breadbox rather than a drum.
Read the ingredient labels on everything in your kitchen cupboards, refrigerator, breadbox and everywhere else you stash food.
The Court found this fact irrelevant: "[W]hether the installation is a taking does not depend on whether the volume of space it occupies is bigger than a breadbox.
Size of a small breadbox, rusty as a fox with a heartshaped snout, his
If it is a success, many will benefit from Panera's thinking outside the box--outside the breadbox, that is.
Less well known are the movements and agenda of his killer: on April 23, 1967, Prisoner #416-J, convicted of armed robbery, escaped from the maximum-security Missouri State Penitentiary by hiding in a breadbox bound for a bakery delivery truck.
26) Visual context's function is that of guiding attention and facilitating recognition of objects within a scene; we are more likely to look for a breadbox than a drum when looking at the picture of a kitchen, which guides us to detect the breadbox much faster.
The French bread on Driskill Mountain was a leftover from the breadbox, and you can't count the cost of the gas nor the beer.
Centered on the rotary was a toy dump truck a little smaller than a breadbox.