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Synonyms for breadbox

a container used to keep bread or cake in


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2002) Is Your Software Bigger than a Breadbox The Hows and Whys of Software Estimation Tools.
Her children broke most of the differently shaped glass vases, and tough, lumpy croissants hardened in the breadbox.
Even if the gift is rotting away like weekday morning manna in the breadbox where we keep it.
So Jennifer's insistence that they discuss the matter is the first hint that something unspoken, but bigger than a breadbox, is looming over their heads.
When Chucho Reyes replaced the stove with a painted breadbox, the matter was quietly dropped.
Small poplars shrouded the deer's basketball-sized breadbox, preventing Keith from taking the shot.
But I was protected and had barriers of metal that descended wherever I found myself and formed a breadbox, a chamber, around me.
The offending battery -- about the size of a breadbox, as it happens -- turned up swollen, charred and leaking flammable chemicals.
I have learned much there from conversations and contacts with men incarcerated at a medium-security prison in the neo-"bumed-over district" that is our Meth-cooked heartland, the poor white outback Hoosierlandia or Greater Kentuckiana, studded with the abandoned industrial sites of factory workers' withered American dreams, the former breadbox now soul-beholden to processed food-service imports, a red state gone blue for one brilliant flashpoint second to elect Barack Obama, only to sink back ever more determinedly into the antiunion, anti-immigrant, pro-prison family values morass that is its beloved briar patch.
Also remarkable is its keeping power: Throw it in a breadbox and it'll keep fresh for a week.
Although they ceased publication in 1962, my brother and I scavenged barely vintage copies from paper drives and tag sales and secured them in a tin breadbox (also found curbside); we would withdraw them from their cask on a narrow loft in our garage to read about Sydney Carton and Helen of Troy.
If it will be eaten within a few days, you can protect freshly made, uncut loaves of bread from pets and other critters by storing it in a wooden or metal breadbox on the kitchen counter.
The other category winners were Steve Noyes, for professional bigger than a breadbox (a rocking chair); Mike Tyrell for amateur bigger than a bread box (a rocking chair); Steve Voorhies for amateur smaller than a breadbox (oriental spice cabinet); and Chelan High School students Javier Mata and Gilberto Salmeron for their comment box.
The more defensive plants may not end up in your backyard soil patch, but they'll probably make it (in some form) to your breadbox or pantry.