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Synonyms for breadboard

a wooden or plastic board on which dough is kneaded or bread is sliced


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With the circulation of the story comes freedom as Laurel can then let everything go, including the symbol of the breadboard, the past.
Pour the hot mixture quickly onto the dust-covered breadboard, then shake more peanut dust from the bowl onto the hot mixture, covering it well.
Phase II was the fabrication of breadboards (alpha prototypes) that demonstrated function and potential and resolved any shortcomings of the existing system within the constraints specified.
The prototype display fits on a 1-foot-square breadboard.
The latest invention, still only in breadboard form, is a computer pointing device that doesn't require the operator to touch anything.
A full breadboard shall be manufactured and tested.
The unique design features have made the SA2 the most popular basic breadboard in the industry.
The SmartFusion2 Starter Kit supports industry-standard interfaces including Ethernet, USB, SPI, I2C and UART and includes a comprehensive breadboard to support unique design requirements.
ZENA SAYS: As you don't specify which ones you've already tried or decided are not suitable, finding exactly the right crumbcatching breadboard has been difficult.
It's a robust, enamelled bread bin with a beechwood lid that handily doubles as a breadboard.
He could see the crumbs on the wooden breadboard, and the places where the knife had scored shallow lines on it.
The process: Hold the handle of the breadboard with one hand with the teeth pointing away from you.
Each one includes an exclusive duo oil drizzler, elegant dipping saucer and serving plate, contemporary breadboard and vouchers to sample the delicious Warburtons Bakery range.
A FORTNIGHT tomorrow all the guesses will hit their sell-by dates, and the reality of results suddenly cut in, like some vast hand that picks seven first-day winners and sweeps the rest away like crumbs off a breadboard.