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Synonyms for breadboard

a wooden or plastic board on which dough is kneaded or bread is sliced


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With the circulation of the story comes freedom as Laurel can then let everything go, including the symbol of the breadboard, the past.
The engineers calculate that the software helped them reduce the development cycle by 20 percent, allowing them to get the QStar to market in 14 months after initial breadboard design, according to MDS.
A breadboard would not only be very costly, but it would give no information about the performance to be expected.
Tenders invited for Supply and warranty of optical breadboard with bread board vibration isolation
Using the double-sided tape that is attached to its booton, mount the solders breadboard to the battery and the buzzer to board.
In addition to the Pi Plates, a new tiny Adafruit breadboard is also available from Newark element14, which makes it easy to create prototypes using the Pi.
The unique design features have made the SA2 the most popular basic breadboard in the industry.
20]) easily installs to any optical table or breadboard, and the ball-and-socket arm permits positioning in any orientation-portrait or landscape.
The SMP3620, SMP3625, and SMP7000 Modules include analog output and custom breadboard design capabilities.
MOUSE droppings on a breadboard beside hot-dog rolls intended for human consumption.
PHILADELPHIA -- Three local digital artists have each received $1,000 for their "Best In Show " works as part of the PECO and Breadboard Art in the Air program.
The expandable breadboard allows the system to grow as students' knowledge increases.
See the photo of the bare solderless breadboard on page 36 and then follow Drawing 1 on page 37.
The reason is that many users are in a quandary because they still need to use a breadboard and in many cases and only surface mount components are available.
Breadboard mounting offers easy assembly into fluid circuits using the company's CapTite interconnect products, SPS01 programmable syringe pumps and other components.