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KANDAHAR, Afghanistan: Vast lush green fields hug a canal snaking through the dusty landscape of what was once Afghanistan's breadbasket, feeding off water from a newly restored dam aimed at tarnishing the lure for farmers to cultivate poppy and help the Taliban.
Producers in America's Breadbasket specialize in not specializing.
Iraq's Fertile Crescent, which lies between the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers, has been since ancient times a vast breadbasket, to the point that some believe that within it was the biblical Garden of Eden, the paradise enjoyed by Adam and Eve.
Their government's mismanagement has brought hunger, disease, plunging life-expectancy, joblessness and hyperinflation to a land that was at one time the breadbasket of Africa.
Once Zimbabwe, or erstwhile Rhodesia, was called the breadbasket of Africa and was a very prosperous country.
But the main campaign issue for many had been the economic collapse of what had once been a regional breadbasket.
Until last year, the former regional breadbasket was self sufficient in canned and processed foods, household goods, and other items.
This is a massive operation to really squeeze in the Breadbasket what we think is a major Al Qaeda logistics site, and to a lesser degree command and control operations", Hertling said.
Topsoil that once measured three feet deep in our breadbasket prairie states now measures a foot or less on many farms.
The Associated Press reports that a paltry winter wheat harvest in the nation's breadbasket has driven up the cost of flour for consumers, with more price hikes feared as drought takes a growing toll on the nation's spring wheat crop as well.
To them, the San Fernando Valley is still the breadbasket of Los Angeles, and there's plenty of opportunity for anyone who doesn't mind getting their hands dirty.
At the beginning of the last century, grain exports made Argentina famous as one of the strongest economies on the planet and helped it earn the nickname "the world's breadbasket.
Separated from the mainland by the Menai Strait, which is spanned by two picturesque bridges, the Menai Bridge and the Britannia Bridge, Anglesey was known as Mam Cymru or Mother of Wales during the Middle Ages because its fertile fields formed the breadbasket for the North.
Eventually 1971, SCLC closed down Operation Breadbasket, the project that the Chicago cause had morphed into, without having won a single real victory.
Zimbabwe was once the breadbasket of sub-Saharan Africa, with farms that produced bumper crops of corn, wheat and tobacco.