bread sauce

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creamy white sauce made with bread instead of flour and seasoned with cloves and onion

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Aged grouse with bread sauce and grouse with bread sauce and veggies with a great side of veggies with a great side of whisky makes me happy.
It's traditional to serve bread sauce, a well flavoured white wine gravy and crisp, crunchy, game chips with pheasant.
Only those whose heads aren't filled with that culinary rubik's cube of how to fit the gravy boat, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, potatoes, brussel sprouts, carrots, stuffing and turkey on to the table can afford to be sentimental.
With most game, the less you muck about with it the better - simply have it roasted with bread sauce, gravy, watercress and game chips.
The ingredients included were roast turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, vegetables, bread sauce, cranberry sauce and other accompaniments.
Do as much preparation as possible before Christmas Day and remember that you can buy practically anything from bread sauce and a huge variety of stuffing to roast potatoes and turkey gravy ready prepared.
Potatoes, bread sauce, gravy and stuffing made with breadcrumbs have a high glycaemia load.
Black pudding, bread sauce, sprouts, red cabbage, flatulence, Grandpa.
The one thing I always seem to crave on return from holidays after eating exotic and rich food is a simple roast chicken - it's always a treat served with bread sauce and bacon rolls.
I have to have bread sauce, redder-than-red cranberry sauce, allspice gravy and gingerbread stuffing.
Today, you need to know, is official "don't chuck out stale bread" day, so you'd best have some around, or, uh-oh, you'll have no bread sauce.
But helping Ramsay become a kitchen star and teaching celebrities such as Barry McGuigan, Jim Davidson and Lee Ryan how to cook on recent series of the reality show mustseemas easy as heating tomato soup in comparison to teaching me how to handle birds, Brussels sprouts and bread sauce.
Hens and cock pheasants can be simply roasted with or without a covering of barding fat or bacon, and served with bread sauce and game chips.