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a queue of people waiting for free food


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In 2008, at least seven people died in fights in bread lines that formed because of shortages.
Paine's long list of titles includes The Bread Line (1900); The Van Dwellers (1901); The Great White Way (1901), which gave its name to Broadway; The Commuters (1904); Joan of Arc--Maid of France (1925), for which he received the Legion of Honor in 1928; and Life and Lillian Gish (1932).
With the disposal, Premier Foods will be able to concentrate efforts on its grocery business and on building value in the bread line, its CEO, Michael Clarke, said.
It continued to invest in the business following the launch of a new bread line at a bakery in Stockport.
Cath Lindley, general manager of Macmillan Cancer Support in Wales, said: "Cancer is an expensive disease to live with, but this research shows just how close to the bread line many cancer patients really are.
I'M one of those working class Tories who don't believe Labour have our best interests at heart whilst those arty Liberals in the judiciary, in theatre, TV and film seem to favour Labour but have rarely been on the bread line.
Four MPs spent a week living in an inner city tower block to see what life's like on the bread line.
The Labour government has forced millions of people to pay hundreds of pounds in income tax, keeping pensioners on the bread line and forcing people on benefits because working simply does not pay.
As part of a 1m [pounds sterling] investment programme, a Milton Keynes bakery is the first in the UK to install Konig's new concept low stress bread line.
Pepperidge Farm's Artisan bread line and Pillsbury's Oven Baked range have effectively introduced the consumer to fresh-baked bread at home, while industry pioneer La Brea Bakery has filled in-store orders for years.
SARA LEE FOOD & BEVERAGE'S newest fresh bread line, Hearty & Delicious, is the Downers Grove, Ill.
The source said the workforce now stood at around 250, after a recruitment drive over the past few months since the introduction of a new bread line.
In Africa there are always countries affected by famine, and much of the population of the continent lives on the bread line.
Over the coming weeks viewers will see the teenager struggling with life on the bread line living with girl friend Sarah Platt - Nick's sister - and her daughter Bethany.