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a knife used to cut bread

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He handed a bread knife to Harkness and asked: "Do you want to do it?
Set contains: Carving knife, bread knife, cook's knife, vegetable knife, paring knife and wooden knife block.
Kevin was suspended from Ayrshire's Auchinleck Academy for the maximum 20 days after the eight- inch bread knife was found.
He has also been charged with producing a 10-inch bread knife and a six-inch kitchen knife during a dispute.
A PENSIONER who stole a bread knife from a Jubilee party and then threatened to ``stick it in'' a pub worker, was jailed yesterday.
A psycho son stabbed his 86-year-old mum with a bread knife because she was "whinging".
Mrs McCarten, 27, was attacked with a large bread knife as she worked on the check-out at the Asda store, Huyton, on January 17.
He claimed Leslie had said he and accused Shaun Paton plunged a bread knife into Jamieson Paton, 20, Leslie, 24, Colin Cowie, 22, and Colin Stewart, 22, all of Aberdeen, deny taking Mr Jamieson to Elrick Hill, Aberdeenshire, slashing him, then leaving him to die in freezing conditions on April 3-4 this year.
Sylvia Davis, 67, plunged a 15cm bread knife into Keith's shoulder after he slapped her face.
AN Iraq War veteran was jailed for life yesterday for stabbing a nursery school teacher in the chest with a 10-inch bread knife.
A five-piece set includes a 7-inch Santuko knife, an 8-inch chef knife, a 10-inch chef knife, an 8-inch serrated bread knife and 3.
VIOLENT Alan Richards is today behind bars after attacking his partner with a mop and a bread knife in front of a young child.
A few days later, a row between the two ended with him waving a bread knife around and demanding she get out of her own home.
A garda told Judge John King: "I could see the handle of a bread knife sticking out of his pocket.
The second man who was holding the bread knife was white, stocky, around the same age, between 5ft 8ins and 5ft 10ins, with short mousey brown hair.