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a knife used to cut bread

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Later he used a serrated bread knife to slit the raccoon's throat.
He was armed with a bread knife and he threatened to kill her.
You struck her with a mop with enough force to bend the handle, and if that was not bad enough you took a bread knife and swiped her not once, but twice.
Caption: Right: Stainless steel chef knife Above: Olive wood bread knife lecreuset.
The police said that Antonio Roxas, 36, a resident of Potrero in Malabon City, initially posed as a customer of Music First Talent Training Center in Barangay Philam, Quezon City, before he pulled out a bread knife and ordered Mark Tan, the supervisor of the establishment, to hand over his valuables.
They stabbed, slashed, punched and kicked their victim, poured boiling water over him, set his moustache on fire, then almost hacked his head off with garden shears and a bread knife.
EcANAKKALE (CyHAN)- A 16-year-old girl has allegedly confessed to killing her mother, who she held responsible for her parents' divorce, with a bread knife in Ecanakkale's Gelibolu district.
Other knives include a Sandwich Knife & Spreader, the Original Nakiri Knife Colori and the Original Bread Knife Colori.
I can hear the Geordie-sounding voice-over now: "Day three and Michael has Frankie strapped to a chair and is doing something to his ear with a bread knife.
You have to go back to February to see a winning line of form, but that did come in a much stronger race over the trip and the way Bread Knife has been staying on to the pick-up of late suggests Jim Reynolds' charge can bide his time off the pace before picking his way past beaten rivals and proving too strong where it matters.
Jane Norton, 30, was accused of using a bread knife to attack her lover Hilary Webster.
License all knives outside the home Cllr Jones suggests - has he considered the practicalities of this - would I need a licence to buy a bread knife from a hardware store, would I need a licence if moving house?
The 41-year-old held a bread knife to his victim's throat and threatened to kill him.
On September 19, 2009, the 20-year-old turned up at the shop brandishing a large bread knife.
Andree Bejjani's body was found strangled with a bread knife lodged in her neck on Saturday.