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a wooden or plastic board on which dough is kneaded or bread is sliced


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The bread board could be worth more than PS200, again depending on its age.
One would have guessed that Sarasota would be on the cutting edge of the bread board.
While egg is boiling, take short biro with Ladbroke written on side, lay betting slip flat on bread board and write out bet, taking care to spell 'each-way' correctly.
We are also seeing more requests for a basic bread board.
The bulletin board software, The Bread Board System (TBBS), from eSoft Inc.
I made the spring loaded buttons by cutting dowels and attaching a spring, and everything was soldered to a bread board attached to a nine-volt battery.
So, while we discovered last week who killed Christopher Eccleston'scientist, we're still very much in the dark about what form of mumps turns a 10-year-old boy into a homicidal maniac armed with a bread board and a potato peeler.
It's a place to visit for an evening meal, the bread board or a lunchtime croissant with a glass of wine, says Charlotte, who met Jo in Bournemouth, but whose family hails originally from Crosby.
BREAD BOARD FROM 10am-2pm on Sunday you can learn how to carve a bread board from locally produced wood at Aldridge Airport off Bosty Lane, Aldridge WS9 0QQ.
I still use the bread board, rolling pin and potato washer he made me when I married almost 60 years ago.
The whole thing leaned at an angle, so I had to Sellotape one of his boots to the bread board so he wouldn't fall over.
My other two mates decided to share a bread board and dips (pounds 2.
5) Despite rainy weather, Project Bread board member Jean G.