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Synonyms for breach

Synonyms for breach

an opening, especially in a solid structure

an act or instance of breaking a law or regulation or of nonfulfillment of an obligation or promise, for example

to make a hole or other opening in

to fail to fulfill (a promise) or conform to (a regulation)

Synonyms for breach

a failure to perform some promised act or obligation

an opening (especially a gap in a dike or fortification)

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a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions)

make an opening or gap in


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Of the 254 data breaches that occurred during the quarter, only 1 percent were "secure breaches," or breaches where strong encryption, key management, or authentication solutions protected the data from being used.
3 level breach representing the two largest global breaches to date on the Breach Level Index scale.
Offline or non-technical breaches, or so-called "paper" breaches
s data protection laws Wednesday that include a 24-hour deadline for companies to report data breaches.
Data breaches in 2010 cost their companies an average of $214 per compromised record, up $10 (5%) from 2009 and $12 (6%) from 2008.
A study by the Ponemon Institute, a privacy management think tank, showed that data breaches now cost organizations an average $197 per breached customer record and an average $6.
net, and dozens of bloggers who act as "cyber-sleuths," tracking down the source of data breaches and identity thefts.
One of the things we're seeing is a spate of breaches in agent offices," Christenson said.
Thus, the program continues to provide greater rewards to compliance oriented, proactive plan sponsors and fiduciaries, who establish practices and procedures to identify and correct fiduciary breaches and prohibited transactions when they occur.
Extreme Networks customers who are concerned about internal breaches and the resulting business losses can now deploy the joint Extreme/Vernier solution to shore up their network defenses and eliminate both unintentional and deliberate attacks from compromised devices.
First-time activity test breaches result in an 18 per cent reduction of benefits for 26 weeks, second penalties result in a 24 per cent reduction of benefits for 26 weeks, and third and subsequent penalties result in non-payment of benefits for eight weeks.
Overall, two-thirds of the CFOs surveyed say their firms are dedicating more resources in 2000 toward limiting computer-hacking and other security breaches.
The trial court held that its particular focus was upon the 10-day "cure" period, such that any breaches subsequent to that period were of "de minimis" legal import.
Gemalto have released the findings of the Breach Level Index for the first six months of 2015, revealing that 888 data breaches occurred, compromising 246 million records worldwide.
There are two types of Nunn-McCurdy breaches: significant breaches and critical breaches.