breach of warranty

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a breach that occurs when an item is deficient according to the terms of a warranty

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As a result, today's construction law practitioners find themselves trying to determine what different construction-related warranties might exist, what they mean and how to bring or defend breach of warranty causes of action.
District Court in Concord against Agro-Farm of New Berlin, charging breach of warranty and contract, and violation of New Hampshire's consumer-protection laws.
In his amended complaint the plaintiff set forth causes of action based upon lack of informed consent and breach of warranty.
Officials said they would issue a writ over alleged shortfalls in payments, failure by SRU to comply with contractual obligations, and breach of warranty, which would run "well into seven figures.
Jackson on his claim of breach of warranty of merchantability and ordered Keefe Commissary to pay him $3.
Using its state's lemon law, the Florida Supreme Court has ruled that car lessees may sue for breach of warranty under the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (MMWA).
A High Court writ has been issued in which she accuses them of negligence, breach of contract, breach of warranty, misrepresentation, and negligent mis-statement when acting for her between April 1998 and January 2002.
The lawsuits alleged that ingredients in Fanta Pineapple and Vault Zero had the potential in certain circumstances to combine to form benzene, and asserted claims for breach of warranty, unfair and deceptive trade practices and unjust enrichment.
He added: "We are saying that if no warning is given, there is a breach of warranty.
to obtain damages for an alleged breach of warranty in the sate of lumber from Esquire to Hallinan.
possible breach of warranty claim, relating to the European Supplies Group
2) A manufacturer or seller of goods, other than toxic substances, shall not be liable for damages sustained by another person unless the goods were negligently manufactured, or defective or unless there is a breach of warranty.
a law firm formed in 1991 to assist distressed drivers with cost-free lemon law and breach of warranty representation.
Marshall is responsible for the firm's local work, with emphasis on contractual claims, breach of warranty and shareholder disputes.
They have successfully resolved numerous lemon law and breach of warranty claims dealing with this BMW fuel pump issue for both refunds and significant cash recoveries.