breach of duty

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a breach of due care

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It was alleged by Birmingham City Council that Asda was in breach of duty by failing to provide weather cover for all its forklift trucks.
The findings were considered on October 25 and the contract has been terminated due to a serious breach of duty of care.
Since liability is determined by whether a breach of duty occurred, the nursing home's implementation of safeguards, as discussed above, will reduce its likelihood.
Devlan") in the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench indicating that Devlan is suing Infowave for, among other things, breach of contract, misrepresentation, and breach of duty to bargain in good faith.
Dr Millard admitted breach of duty but denied it had led to her illnesses.
The Texas Supreme Court must decide whether a professional who breaches his or her duty to a client should be able to escape liability if the client becomes incompetent and unable to testify that he or she would have done something different but for the breach of duty.
If the report identifies breach of duty or highlights a failure to honour responsibilities, then the DTI may seek to disqualify the director.
But giving his ruling , Judge Crispin Masterman told Cardiff's County Court: 'There is insufficient basis to establish the breach of duty and I must therefore dismiss this claim.
In addition, allowing a willing worker to continue in a job was also not a breach of duty if the alternative was sacking or demotion.
Among other claims, the judge let stand plaintiffs' claims of invasion of privacy, breach of duty of confidentiality and fiduciary duty, violation of Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, and conspiracy among the defendants.
The hospital denied any negligence or breach of duty toward Ms Foley who suffered a fatal cardio respiratory arrest.
London, July 13 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to recent media interest, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) confirms that the trial of its claim against UBS for misrepresentation and breach of duty starts in London on Monday, July 14.
The judge decided that the teachers could not have foreseen the assault and did not find a breach of duty of care.
The Mercy Hospital denied Ms Moloney contracted salmonella disease while a patient and also denied negligence or breach of duty.
The court found that allegations failed to support a claim against the county based on its statutory duty to maintain a jail, but that the allegations supported a claim against the county for an alleged breach of duty to fund medical care, where the alleged failure to provide adequate funding to meet the medical needs of inmates supported a claim for deliberate indifference under [section] 1983.
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