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Synonyms for breach

Synonyms for breach

an opening, especially in a solid structure

an act or instance of breaking a law or regulation or of nonfulfillment of an obligation or promise, for example

to make a hole or other opening in

to fail to fulfill (a promise) or conform to (a regulation)

Synonyms for breach

a failure to perform some promised act or obligation

an opening (especially a gap in a dike or fortification)

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a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions)

make an opening or gap in


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This was the new twist to the data breach landscape in 2015, with thieves leveraging stolen data to embarrass or harm companies," said Bruemmer.
The 2014 Breach Level Index by Gemalto reports that 55% of the data breaches were perpetrated by malicious outsiders, 25% were due to accidental loss, and 15% were committed by malicious insiders.
The number of state-sponsored attacks accounted for just 2 per cent of data breach incidents, but the number of records compromised as a result of those attacks totalled 41 per cent of all records exposed, due to the breaches at Anthem Insurance and the U.
According to data in the BLI originally developed by SafeNet, the main motivation for cybercriminals in 2014 was identity theft with 54% of the all data breaches being identity theft-based, more than any breach category including access to financial data.
Because of the varying strictness of data breach reporting requirements around the globe, this quarterly data does not include organizations that didn't disclose the amount of data records that were exposed.
Failure to develop decision points related to the support, breach, and assault forces or failure to place decision points on a decision support matrix.
SafeNet calls on security industry professionals to participate in the evolution of the Breach Level Index beginning at RSA Conference
However, based on the lower education average, the VCU data breach could cost the university nearly $20 million.
The statute provides that when a landlord (here the co-op) seeks to recover possession of a residential unit based upon a claim that the tenant (here the shareholder DeCastro) has breached a provision of the lease (non payment of maintenance charges) the court must grant a ten day stay after judgment, during which time the tenant May correct such breach.
The Data Breach Notification Requirements Assessment helps companies identify the appropriate parties and timelines for notification in the event of a breach based on legal requirements:
which admitted that a recent security breach involved 12.
The congregation then filed claims against Touche in state court, alleging negligence, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract.
The last jetty, in fact, marks the most easterly point of the breach.
Cyber insurance policies are different from most other types of insurance as they are focused on mitigating down-the-road legal liabilities that may arise from a breach event.
IT professionals believe that assessing the potential harm caused by data breaches is more useful to mitigating the effects of such incidents than notifying affected individuals, according to a survey published on the day the EU proposed a 24-hour deadline for data breach disclosures.