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solder together by using hard solder with a high melting point

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Numerical simulation of technological process of brazing applying induction heating was considered as a coupled electromagnetic and thermal problem (Behulova, 2007).
The heat treatment ensured full diffusion interaction of solidified brazing alloy with the base metal and refining of secondary phases in the seam body and at the interphase boundary.
On conjugated areas of plates being brazed a powdered brazing mixture was deposited in the form of a bead, this mixture was impregnated with a solution of an acrylic resin or mixed using Binder-215.
The Idea of Brazing--explains what brazing is and how to use it properly; 2.
Reversing valves used in heat-pump systems, for example, have four external connecting tubes and one internal seat joined to the assembly by brazing.
CuproBraze is a breakthrough technology for brazing copper-fins to brass-tubes as well as brass-to-brass.
As part of projects prior to ESS for UHV applications such nozzles was obtained by brazing copper and stainless steel.
I hope that recognition of this methodology by one of the leading aerospace companies such as Rolls-Royce will help to improve our ability to design and build more reliable critical brazing structures," stated Dr.
com)-- Brazing is defined as the process wherein a piece of metal is bonded to another piece of metal by use of a filler metal.
com/research/qk99h7/global_brazing) has announced the addition of the "Global Brazing Materials Market 2014-2018" report to their offering.
Fontargen Brazing: To have insight into the processing methods and to understand them is essential for achieving optimum brazing results.