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Synonyms for brazen-faced

unrestrained by convention or propriety

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The two great merits of a stage proprietor, in England (judging by the rare applause of his cultivated customers), consisted in spending plenty of money on his scenery, and in hiring plenty of brazen-faced women to exhibit their bosoms and their legs.
The ministry warned that the "ruling regime in Saudi Arabia is inciting terrorism in violation of relevant international resolutions, and the Saudi officials are bragging, in brazen-faced statements, about providing financial and logistical support to al-Qaeda elements and training them in countries neighboring Syria.
Good or bad, Koreans are said to be the only people in the world who would refuse to recognize Japan as a global power, a large part of which is due to petty, brazen-faced Japanese establishment in coming to grips with the most disgraceful part of their history.
Such passive responses and lack of firm countermoves have resulted in Japan's brazen-faced historic distortions.
Facing a maximum fine of pounds 20,000, brazen-faced Morrison Jr whined that he was on income support and had been unable to resist the temptation to make easy cash.