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Synonyms for bray

Synonyms for bray

to break up into tiny particles

Synonyms for bray

the cry of an ass

Related Words

braying characteristic of donkeys

reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading

laugh loudly and harshly

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That battle was finally lost but Dr Bray won admiration for his tireless struggle to save jobs.
On page 375 Bray gives as one of her main conclusions that the "late imperial period saw the steady spread of patrilineal practices and values to all social classes," complemented by "a strongly patriarchal form" of neo-Confucian morality, while a contrary "philogynistic philosophy" was "at best .
In addition to the 20-inch the observatory features 12 1/2-inch and 5 1/4-inch Perry-Maksutovs, two 6-inch Bray refractors, 14- and 16-inch Newtonian reflectors, a 13.
They have also opened the premises up to a limited number of resort visitors, hoping the Brays magic will have time to work and the visitors will be charmed into becoming owners.
More recently, "licking their wounds from the Presidential loss," as Bray puts it, members of the religious Right have found more anti-gay issues to rally around.
Jailing Bray for two years, Judge Philip Parker QC told him: "The assistant saw through your attempt, he knew you and he had dealt with you earlier that day.
Mr Bray worked for his father's haulage contractor firm before moving on to Broadbents.
Prosecutor Ronald Mitchell said Bray in fact had a well-paid job earning pounds 250 to pounds 950 a week for a Hartlepool cable contractor.
And since the business was established in 1925--at the same downtown Little Rock location that is still home today-there has been a member of the Bray family at the helm.
Mr Bray praised his rescuers but said it was a heartbreaking decision to abandon the boat.
BURGLAR Christopher Bray handed himself into police after carrying out break-ins to try to raise money to pay the bond he needed to rent a flat.
The center will feature five galleries that reflect real-world experiments of 101 Corridor companies such as Amgen and Boeing, said board member Susan Bray.
Peter Bray (right toasting his success) spent 75 days battling storms and rough seas in his 24ft-craft.
TRAINER Simon Bray has lost his turf stars Astra and Startac after the executors of the Allen Paulson Living Trust decided on Wednesday to send them to another trainer, Laura de Seroux, writes Dan Farley.
In principle, any protein that transforms an input signal into an output signal could act as a computational, or information-carrying, element," says Dennis Bray, a chemist at the University of Cambridge.