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Synonyms for brawniness

possessing muscular strength

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To uphold male power and authority, as Gail Bederman demonstrates, the ideal notion of middle-class, white manhood was refashioned as it shifted from an older model of "manliness," defined by mastery and self-restraint, to a newer paradigm of "primitive masculinity" marked by brawniness, athleticism, and virility.
And whatever they may reveal of the divine love in the Son, the soft, curled, hermaphroditical Italian pictures, in which his idea has been most successfully embodied; these pictures, so destitute as they are of all brawniness, hint nothing of any power, but the mere negative, feminine one of submission and endurance, which on all hands it is conceded, form the peculiar practical virtues of his teachings.
He also has become a respected offensive force (7-18-25 totals) and a deceptively fast skater despite his 6-foot-4, 220-pound brawniness, all of which helped him earn the annual Seventh Player Award on Thursday night.