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Synonyms for brawl

Synonyms for brawl

a quarrel, fight, or disturbance marked by very noisy, disorderly, and often violent behavior

to quarrel noisily

Synonyms for brawl

an uproarious party


Related Words

a noisy fight in a crowd

to quarrel noisily, angrily or disruptively

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Manama: Kuwait is to deport 18 Syrians and Egyptians after they were arrested following a brawl in the Shuwaikh industrial area.
Summary: The Dubai Police have denied rumours that swords were used in a brawl in Al Warqa area and warned to take legal action against those who spread such rumours through smart phones.
Summary: A violent brawl has broken out in the middle of Taiwan's parliament after opposition parties clashed during a debate.
Summary: TAIPEI, Jul 08, SPA -- Taiwan legislators threw objects, splashed water and kicked one another on Thursday, sending two to the hospital in a brawl over how fast to ratify a trade pact with China that is shaping up as a pivotal election issue, according to Reuters.
Mrs Brawls put boards up at her home in Peel Road, Bootle, to protect it from yob attacks.
But after a tip-off police broke up the gangs before the brawl started.
The move follows a mass brawl involving around 200 pupils from two secondary schools in Aberdeen.
Drunken brawls represented the leading single source of homicide in late nineteenth-century Chicago.
One of the brawls broke out at the Rossiya Hotel, adjacent to Red Square.
The ``staged'' brawl in New York between Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis reminds me of how the World Wrestling Federation advertises its up and coming events, by staging brawls.
There are far too many foolish brawls outside fast-food restaurants in the small hours of the morning.
The village elders had lost their moral authority, village funds had been mismanaged and embezzled, sporting and exam results were disappointing and there were frequent drunken brawls.
I AM writing regarding the article hedalined ' Pupils set up brawls on net' in the ECHO about pupils from three schools in Crosby who organised a mass brawl using an internet chat room (Oct 20).
Before Hurme and Potvin went at it during the 15-minute brawls, Eloranta was being picked on by Senators tough guy Chris Neil.
The ritualized nature of this violence distinguished it from brawls or vengeance feuds which proceeded without rules.