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my dear friend, there is bravery in facing scurvy, dysentery, locusts, poisoned arrows, as my ancestor St.
When he revives he will return to his quarters with a fine tale of his bravery and there will be none to impugn his boasts--none but I-Gos.
who has been specially mentioned for bravery and who very nearly got the Victoria Cross, comes here with the halo of a brilliant escape from the Germans, wounded, a young man of good family and connections, and apparently as keen as mustard to get back again in the fighting line.
They praised his valor, and his deeds of bravery they judged with praise, even as it is fitting that a man should extol his friendly lord, should love him in his soul, when he must depart from the body to become of naught.
Little Joe's mother's cake was the last word in cakes; Captain Jim was the prince of gracious hosts, never even permitting his eyes to wander to the corner where the life-book lay, in all its bravery of green and gold.
Larsen, but you must grant that the bravery is mine.
Not your sympathy, but your bravery hath hitherto saved the victims.
Such commendations had been bestowed upon his bravery, that he could not, for the life of him, help postponing the explanation for a few delicious minutes; during which he had flourished, in the very zenith of a brief reputation for undaunted courage.
PDSA senior vet Elaine Pendlebury said: "Dotty's bravery saved Stanley from further harm, and possibly death.
THE BRAVERY of a North East war hero will be remembered tomorrow after his medals were brought home to the North East.
A MERSEYSIDE soldier blinded in battle revealed his Paralympic dream on the day he was honoured for his bravery.
The money will be used to help the children's bravery award scheme at both Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and Calderdale Royal Hospital.
A NURSING assistant who foiled a runaway prisoner's attempt to hijack her car has been recognised by police chiefs for her bravery.
A POLICE officer who dragged an injured man from a blazing car seconds before it exploded has been nominated for a top bravery award.
But one man who will never forget such bravery is a burglar who was being pursued by Pc Matthew Hicks.