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Despite recognizing the importance of implementing effective policies to tackle the issue of unemployment and economic growth, Caan and most of the experts contributing to the discussion believe that entrepreneurship mindsets, braveness in coming up with innovative ideas and decentralization of initiatives to encourage the setting up of successful private businesses can do more to the cause than any univocal governmental program.
It's not a question of braveness, it's a question that maybe we wanted to surprise the opponent in some way," said Villas-Boas, whose side looked in need of the type of spark the likes of transfer targets Luka Modric and Juan Mata - the latter reportedly close to joining Chelsea - could provide.
That's a freedom that's very scary, but which also gives you something kind of a braveness that I took with me to other projects after this.
braveness in supporting Kuwait in its ordeal during the Iraqi aggression.
Thero's a vulnerability and braveness in the voice of Malin Dahlstrom, the lead-H singing blonder half of JL Stockholm's Niki and the Dove.
She said she admired Hannah for her braveness but I guess you look at, you read Lydia's diary you find she was very brave also.
Yet, his braveness is overshadowed by his bigotry that drags him eventually into madness.
A group of sons and daughters of the Syrian martyrs surrounded President al-Assad at the end of his visit to the place showing their pride of his wise leadership and braveness.
Also tight-rope walkers, so exciting to watch with a braveness, they don't lack
But council and business leaders who backed the National Exhibition Centre, the ICC and the National Indoor Arena displayed braveness and considerable insight because they realised that globalisation and the demise of volume manufacturing meant Birmingham had to change the way it went about creating employment if it was to survive and prosper.
Arab Ad's GM and editor-in-chief, Mr Walid Azzi, noted that "it was Barrak's braveness, foresight and determination in rebranding the MTC Group to Zain in September 2007, which has made a great regional impact".
I think "Nellie the Brave" is a very, very, very good book because Nellie shows braveness and confidence during her very exciting journey on the Trail of Tears.
Hence, interpretation is reversed in the line that went in Fenollosa's transliteration as "The generals are on their back, and the soldiers are by their side," (in Pound's version: "The generals are on them, the soldiers are by them," 189): it is not praise for braveness (that high ranked officers and common soldiers are fighting shoulder to shoulder) but accusation for lack of human feelings and tender sympathy (the generals can ride horses, while soldiers have to walk along).
We have seen in all its stark braveness and undeniable beauty what the transatlantic community is able to accomplish when it is united.
Of course we see the fear in her face when the cancer has come back, but for the most part her braveness overrides any fear.