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a small pork sausage


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The German -- Trio of German beer bratwursts skewered and grilled that is served over sauerkraut cheddar mashed potatoes infused with onions and bacon.
there must be an official sausage crisis in germany given the amount of Bratwursts at winter wonderland
Mustard fanatics say ketchup should never touch a hot dog or bratwurst.
There's no replacement for a NE-rnberger Bratwurst," said Steiner, owner of the successful self-named butcher's chain.
Bayer Leverkusen's Wolfgang Hozhaeuser said: ``We find that 15 minutes to get to bratwurst or drink vendors isn't always enough.
Hot dogs are OK at baseball games; grilled bratwursts are awesome.
Bratsgiving Day takes the best parts of your favorite holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween and spices them up with delicious bratwursts straight from Sheboygan.
It contacts the Polka Hall of Fame's most famous tuba player, orders a truck load of bratwursts and plans the world's best polka dance party event ever.
May 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- GNP Company (TM), the Midwest's largest chicken producer, launched its first-ever line of Gold'n Plump chicken sausages, bratwursts and breakfast links.
To serve the bratwursts traditionally, home cooks must not forget the German potato salad, sauerkraut and good German mustard -- all of which are available at Whole Food Market.
According to Moland, timesaving products such as Johnsonville Heat & Serve Bratwursts or Italian Sausage are a great way for mom to effectively save time and prepare stress-free meals for her family.
On Sunday, 20,000 bratwursts will be served from 11 a.
Whether you are toasting by hoisting up your stein of FestBier amber lager or enjoying German classics like grilled bratwurst and Hungarian sausages, guests will love the variety of traditional and signature flavors packed with the authentic celebratory spirit that will be featured in every restaurant.
Bob Evans' new tractor-trailer trucks and company-sponsored NASCAR race car were unveiled to employees of the Columbus, Ohio-based company during a celebration to introduce Bob Evans' newest grocery product, cheese bratwurst.