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Upon entering a bar and finding herself ignored, she immediately becomes the center of attention when she asks brassily, "Jesus Christ, who does a girl have to suck around here to get a drink?
Not only that, her six jailmates include other crime passionnel "victims" (that is, murderesses) overseen but not overlooked by Matron "Mama" Morton (Marcia Lewis), the ultimate pro at quid pro quo, as she brassily proclaims in her big song, "When You're Good to Mama.
Behind them the City Police and the Railway Police with the Military Band brassily booming away, followed by the Lord Mayor and corporation and the sculptors whose symbolic statuary (Music and Poetry, Commerce and Industry) gleams down still today.
Mr Clean recalls Buffalo Springfield, Anyway The Wind Blows is brassily funky and It Don't Get Much Better Than This says it all.
On Monday in Beatrice and Benedict, they showed what an idiomatic Berlioz sound they make, light, translucent and brassily weighty where appropriate.
Forbes' magazine is brassily subtitled "The Capitalist Tool," a poke in the eye of the intellectual and cultural establishment, which in our day loathes the system as Marx and Mao did in theirs.
The Martins - long-suffering mum (Kathy Burke), pregnant 14-year-old daughter (Terri Dumont), bewildered nine-year-old son (Eric Byrne) and brassily bellicose mother-in-law (Linda Bassett) - are supposed to be the family from hell.