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The winners will be announced by TV's brassiest barmaid - Coronation Street's Bet Lynch played by Julie Goodyear.
It seems that even the brashest, brassiest girls - who decide to become famous when they are six - can be stuck for words once in a while.
As well as fly-on-the-wall footage of Sally's first day on the Coronation Street set, Soap Secrets has a look at some of the most memorable Rovers Return barmaids, and gets some advice from the brassiest, bustiest one of them all, Bet Lynch.
The brassiest blonde since Bet Lynch has not come over all coy, she has just taken a dive into the dye bottle and come out a carrot top.
Williams survived by swimming for an hour plus in water cold enough to get the brassiest of brass monkeys singing castrati.
And the venue for this appearance by Britain's brassiest soap character?
GONE are the bouffant blonde hairdo, glitzy earrings and leopard-print top that made Bet Gilroy Britain's brassiest barmaid.
IF THE search for the world's brassiest neck ever made an Olympic event, the only competition is for second place.
Brassiest band to come out of a non-existent coalmine There's no disrespect to the Great British brass band tradition here - just some modernisation and increased attitude.
Meanwhile, here we had the brassiest blonde of 'em all raising the hackles of the Cardiff Board of Catholic Action.
In fact, Rock - who has never been too concerned with proper etiquette, popular trends or political correctness - is at his biggest, baddest and brassiest in years.