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an undergarment worn by women to support their breasts

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When the brassiere caught on in the North American market, after Warner Brothers Corset Company purchased Jacob's patent for a mere $1,500, it was in response to changes in women's fashion as well as pressure on women to conform to expectations regarding the ideal body size and shape.
Approximately three times the amount of hands-on labor time and specialized machinery is necessary to produce MySuperBra[R] than an average, designer brassiere, providing the proud owners with three times the average-wear life expectancy.
They've put a brassiere on the camel, They claim she's more decent this way.
The brassiere itself costs about [yen] 6,000, or about [yen] 1,000 more than those for younger women.
She wants to know about the chemical composition of my brassiere, which I assure her contains nothing metallic.
The brassiere was to be the undergarment of the new century, though corsets had not really gone.
said Friday it will launch a metal-free brassiere in December because tiny metallic bra fasteners have been triggering alarms at airport metal detectors amid tightened security following the Sept.
As happened after his famous Playboy interview, where Ventura insulted organized religion and confessed his wish to be reincarnated as a super-sized brassiere, Minnesota's governor has slipped in the polls, from a 71 percent approval rating in January to 57 percent in April.
This technology has been incorporated into the cup sections of a brassiere to reduce the potential for hypertrophic scars and keloids after breast surgery, according to Bio Med Sciences, 1111 Hamilton St.
4 million combat bra project -- officially known as the Brassiere Temperate Underwear (BTU).
Leonard Florsheim, Corset and Brassiere Association Vice-President and head of Kabo Corset Company, constructed the spectre of the "grotesque" Indian squaw to safely position white middle-class American women between overly sophisticated French women and uncivilized Native American women.
The employer associations involved in the bargaining talks were the Allied Underwear Association, the Associated Corset and Brassiere Manufacturers, and the Intimate Apparel Manufacturers Association.
19: Survey Findings - Most preferred brassiere fasteners
Among the artifacts are a butter keg, spurs, medieval barn, money bag, brassiere, bone ice skate, pilgrim's badge, eyeglasses, and Viking longboat.
Sri Lanka produces at least 40 million such brassiere pieces for export regularly.