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In this issue of Military Police, I want to remind the members of our great Regiment of a unique military police tradition and warn against compromising the symbol of that tradition--our military police brassard.
2) I mention this to emphasize that the military police brassard is not a military occupational specialty (MOS) badge and should not be treated as such.
Commanders: You have the authority to determine whether your Soldiers wear the military police brassard.
The average citizen who sees a Soldier wearing the military police brassard assumes that something went wrong and that there is an authority figure present to handle it.
Furthermore, the wearing of the brassard under unapproved circumstances makes us appear arrogant and unprofessional.
Interestingly, he was wearing his military police brassard and, per his directive, so was everyone who worked for him.
I also encourage you to dust off the Spring 2008 issue of Military Police and read the article entitled "New Changes for the Military Police Brassard," written by our great historian, Mr.
Andy Watson, "New Changes for the Military Police Brassard," Military Police, Spring 2008, <http://www.
3) A proliferation of designs and material used for brassards soon followed.
Brassards made of vinyl, canvas, leather, and other materials have been worn, with some standing up to the temperature extremes better than others.
At first, these interim brassards were made of vinyl and used reflective material.
A defense seamstress shows a few of the brassards she made for the war effort.
In keeping with uniform styles adapted for practical use in different climates, the newest official version of the brassard has a hook-and- loop backing and is foliage-green, rectangular-shaped, and embroidered.
Officers and enlisted men, when actually performing the duty of military police, will wear a blue brassard on the left arm, half way between the elbow and shoulder, bearing the letters 'MP' in white.
Wearing the brassard on duty gave Soldiers a symbol of authority.