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the section of a band or orchestra that plays brass instruments


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Slow, deep grooves with a heavy Indian influence were filled out majestically by the brass section while a fantastic collection of sitars and santoors took you to a beautiful place far, far away.
The Brummie band's fairground ride takes us through Fashion Parade, the brass section girls pausing to pose for clicks of the imaginary cameras.
In celebration, 11 brass section musicians from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, which is also turning 80 this year climbed to the top of the bridge's 134-metre high arch to perform for a select group of guests.
The Vandegrift High School drum line and brass section kicked off the ceremony with a performance and later was presented a donation from United Heritage Charity Foundation.
It also features some of The Specials' brass section and two bands fresh from their support slots on the band's 2011 tour.
Including a wonderful brass section to beef up a traditional acoustic core, Bellowhead features a stunning array of instruments; from fiddles and concertinas to frying pans, bouzoukis and banjos to flugelhorn and tuba and oboes to wind-up toys, not to mention fine vocals.
We had ten players from our brass section and they all had a flutter.
Conductor Maurizio Barbacini got the basics right; but the brass section strayed at times, and the powerful chorus hasn't yet attained good ensemble.
Indications of how their joyous pop sound could be expanded come with the introduction of a four-piece female brass section which gives their sound a real Motown feel.
This one was the brass section of the Royal Opera House Orchestra.
Gifts secured to date total $5 million, including the Frank White Brass Section Endowed Tuba Chair for $250,000 by Greer and Barnett Grace; the Endowed Timpani Chair for $250,000 by the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Society Guild; the Richard Shepard Arnold Chamber Music Artist of Distinction Endowed Chair for $100,000 by Kay Kelly Arnold; $200,000 from Dub Moore naming two section chairs; and $100,000 from an anonymous donor naming one section chair.
Members of the brass section of the Simi Valley High School marching band will be on hand for the parade each day, and hats and beads will be on sale.
The sounds of the brass section of The Juilliard Jazz Ensemble and African drumming filled the air as ALVIN ALLEY AMERICAN DANCE THEATER held the ribbon-cutting for their new home.
If you are a pianist, don't take a job in the brass section of the orchestra unless you are a really quick study and up for a challenge.
Anyway, they're bringing a brass section with them this time and pulling out all the stops for Santa.