brass knuckles

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Brass knuckles associated with gang fights have also been confiscated.
He claimed two pistols, some knives, brass knuckles, several cell phones and a master key used for opening doors of vehicles were recovered from the detainees.
Bullying is so widespread in middle school that items like boxing gloves and brass knuckles are as important as traditional school supplies.
After a search the officer found marijuana and a set of brass knuckles.
From the outside, it looks like the kind of windowless old factory where puppies go missing and children's bicycles are melted to make switchblades and brass knuckles.
He had been severely beaten with brass knuckles, a favorite tool of the Nazi Skins.
A shotgun, brass knuckles, bullets, drugs and gang regalia also were seized.
Novelty hits are surprisingly absent from Nelly's latest album Brass Knuckles.
PARTY People featuring Fergie is set to be the lead single from upcoming album Brass Knuckles by Nelly.
Also seized in the raids were a shotgun, three semi-automatic pistols, brass knuckles and $60,000 in cash.
The items include a purported transcript between Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and Oswald's killer, nightclub owner Jack Ruby; a leather gun holster that held the weapon Ruby used to shoot Oswald; brass knuckles found on Ruby when he was arrested; and a movie contract signed by then-Dallas district attorney Henry Wade.
In Springfield, townspeople enlist the help of a local metalcasting facility to melt down guns, brass knuckles and ninja stars (Fig.
Meanwhile, two employees of a Fordyce nursing home taught a "disrespectful" old woman a lesson by beating her to death with a pair of brass knuckles.
Debt collection brings visions of unsavory telephone tactics and verbal brass knuckles.
GARANCE FRANKE-RUTA has clearly put on the brass knuckles in the battle with the Rev.