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in a brash cheeky manner

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Meanwhile, Tinkerbell (Elisha Covell), Peter's sidekick, whizzes brashly across the stage on roller-skates to the delight of the girls in the audience, causing trouble wherever she flitters.
Like most Cardiff chairmen, Wright left the club in 1995 under something of a cloud and Cardiff went through the Kenny Hibbitt, Phil Neal, Russell Osman crash before Hammam brashly announced his arrival and took things onto another plateau.
As time passed, my bowhunting obsession became a consuming fire--solidifying in my mind the image of the person I desired to be, and brashly insisted I would always remain.
The advent of brashly adventurous, and sometimes garish, colours and designs coincided roughly with the collapse of the Dow, when consumers came to regard lacquers priced from $10 to as much $30 as a costeffective way to brighten their turnouts -- and outlooks.
With Russia's commitment to human spaceflight also seen wavering and some observers questioning whether even emerging powerhouse China will stick to its brashly self-confident plans, some begin to suspect the world is simply giving up.
So what to call the music that blasts brashly from the confines of the Welsh sextet's new album Weapons?
It is far more brashly stylised than Murat's effort, and its visual poetry more profane.
Because of laws of modesty, we are not allowed to publish pictures of women," the paper brashly announced.
The Londoner has brashly referred to his rival as Borat and Ivan Drago, the character played by Dolph Lundgren in Rocky IV, and has promised to goad him still further with a series of very public digs in the days ahead.
This year's contestants are the usual mix of brashly confident 20 and thirty-somethings with some impressive qualifications under their belts.
Paladino brashly called the budget of his former opponent, Governor Andrew Cuomo, "concocted.
8 million per episode for "Men," brashly said at one point that he would ask for $3 million if he signed a new contract for future seasons.
The mother of her victim shouted back that Shahla should hang in the stadium In her first trial, which was held in public, Shahla was the star, at times responding brashly to the judge, then pouting, smirking and gesticulating.
At the time, he brashly said: "If the public bodies just go down the road of crudely cutting jobs we will be at war, there's no doubt about it.
The Expendables does everything you expect as loudly and brashly as possible, like razing almost the entire nation in the name of liberty.