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in a brash cheeky manner

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The defendant was said to have started acting brashly and rudely when a Moroccan stewardess refused to serve him more liquor and blocked his way as he tried to move from the plane's economy section to the business class.
So while this pilot boasts flashbacks, bad country and western and even a cameo from East 17's Brian Harvey, it's Conaty's own brashly unsinkable personality that pulls it all together.
He was ushered away from this fixture with his dignity in a thousand shreds, his pride lacerated by a man who brashly epitomises everything Wenger deplores in the game.
The 2012 Spellbound Petite Sirah from California (about $14 at supermarkets and elsewhere) is a lush and lusty, brashly fruit-forward example of its kind.
24 -- Arvind Kejriwal is brashly running a smart campaign.
With curling loops, slashing gouges, pooled drips, and brushstrokes that turn with the flick of a wrist, the painting brashly foregrounds the phenomenology of its making.
The brashly rendered, simplistic pictures are magnificently effusive with the joy of a young dog at play and discovery.
Directed by Andrew Dominik, the brashly written crime drama illustrates gangster life in the wake of the recession.
So what to call the music that blasts brashly from the confines of the Welsh sextet's new album Weapons?
As it happens, there is a mosque, yards away, which does not stand out ostentatiously and brashly as does Sherman Cymru.
The second installment in the Deviants series finds Emily Webb facing more questions than answers: Why does she change from mousy "Daytime" Emily to brashly assertive "Nighttime" Emily to frightening "Werewolf" Emily?
The Londoner has brashly referred to his rival as Borat and Ivan Drago, the character played by Dolph Lundgren in Rocky IV, and has promised to goad him still further with a series of very public digs in the days ahead.
This year's contestants are the usual mix of brashly confident 20 and thirty-somethings with some impressive qualifications under their belts.
The Expendables does everything you expect as loudly and brashly as possible, like razing almost the entire nation in the name of liberty.
The movie starts off where we last saw Tony Stark - brashly proclaiming to the world "I am Iron Man".