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It is not necessarily the biggest or brashest work that strikes a chord.
Wrestlemania The biggest, brashest fighters in the business knock lumps out of each other.
While it may be the grand, outdoor gardens which make the boldest, and often brashest, statements at the show, costing their corporate sponsors tens of thousands of pounds to stage, most of them remain little more than a dream to the thousands who make the annual pilgrimage to south west London.
Looking forward, Descartes is the brashest of moderns, putting philosophy, science, and even God himself, into service of the human program to control and transform nature.
24 described by the FT as "probably the brashest creature of globalisation", had come to be perceived as a risk equivalent to Iceland.
And if the influx of overseas stars into the brashest big league of them all is said to be putting the English game in crisis, what about the drip-down to Wales and the other home nations?
Author's Note: The sousaphone is the largest and brashest of
O for the pen of a Cruickshank or a Gillray to illustrate Austen's earliest, brashest works
Lost and Found is the 2007 Sydney Festival's loudest, brashest and most exhilarating offering.
But while Gazza used to be one of the brashest and bubbliest characters around, these days he is unwilling to let his heart rule his head.
It may be the highest-rated cable news network in the country, but how well do you really know the biggest, brashest, most red-white-and-blue news channel in America?
Freed of their charcoal orphan wear, the ensemble dons white for the snow sequences and the brashest colors imaginable for the Sweetieland sequence.
If some of the brashest early hopes have not been realized--history in general has not been converted to social history or to a sociohistorically informed version of total history, and a decisive sociohistorical periodization has not replaced more conventional, usually political markers--the discipline has nevertheless been transformed.
2) As one female MP remarked following the election, "the Brashest of the class of '93 are busy learning how to play in the big leagues; feminism is not a big agenda item for me.