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small dark geese that breed in the north and migrate southward

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A British Red Ensign flag and a portrait of John Brant, a Mohawk warrior and hereditary chief, are among the earliest collections of the ROM.
Ten years later, the ROM purchased an oil painting of John Brant from one of his descendants.
Our oil portrait of John Brant (1794-1832) has an unusual history in that it was painted for, and remained with, the Brant family until it was acquired by the ROM.
Stone (1792-1844) reported seeing the John Brant portrait when he visited the Brant home in 1836.
Mary herself later became renowned as Molly Brant and was considered the greatest female Mohawk of her time.
Joseph Brant was in his mid-teens when he saw his first action about 120 miles north east of Canajoharie at the Battle of Lake George, a long thin lake at the base of the Adirondack Mountains in northern New York.
Joseph Brant matured into a Native warrior over a succession of battles: with Johnson again at the Battle of Fort Niagara in 1757, and in 1760 with Sir Jeffery Amherst as he placed a siege on Montreal.
Following Niagara and Montreal, Brant had come to Johnson's attention as being agile in mind and body.
However, I have been running the magazines for 23 years and after a great deal of consideration, I believe it's time for me to have a second chapter in my life and I am confident that I leave Brant Publications well-positioned to thrive.
Brant to continue her operational control of the company.
Brant Publications was founded in 1983 with the purchase of The Magazine Antiques.
We're very excited to have the Dick Corporation as a part of this project," said Bob Brant, vice president of Brant Motorsports.
Brant Motorsports appears to be entering the racing facility market at just the right time.
In addition to naming Dick Corporation to its development team, Brant announced it has selected the architectural firm of Apostolou Associates, Inc.
Brant Studio Tour artists are giving an advance peek with a group show that kicked off Sept.