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implement used to brand live stock


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If you wear out lots of stamps because you build lots of WPM, order a branding iron from the USAMC LOGSA PSCC.
Strike branding involves a branding iron being made to a specific design, heated and then pressed against the skin.
WHEN they displeased Caligula, men of honorable rank were disfigured with branding irons and condemned to the mines.
Our bedrooms were covered with pictures of horses, covered wagons, round-ups and branding irons fashioned from cardboard.
Before my gate is stormed by villagers wielding branding irons, let me explain why.
The museum showcases more than 20,000 arrowheads, plus branding irons, antique bottles and guns, fossils, two-headed calves, eight-legged pigs and 1,000 paintings by Sioux Indian Princess Raven Wing, an employee at the tower in the 1920s.
The traditional and the hi-tech meet at the Zenchiku Ranch, where computers sit side by side with branding irons.
You'll find candlesticks made from branding irons and, for your walls, ristras (colorful bunches of dried red chilies) and Native American rugs and blankets.
Hot branding irons, if I remember correctly, wasn't it?
PARKER RANCH: The Parker Ranch Museum & Visitor Center is predominantly a portrait gallery of the Parker family tree, but the paniolo legacy is preserved in exhibits of vintage saddles, bridles, branding irons and leather lariats.
As thousands fled Kosovo with little more than the clothes they stood up in, evidence emerged that Serb soldiers had been torturing citizens with branding irons.
Prominent among the wooden automobile wheels and branding irons are photos and news clips detailing the collapse of the St.