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the act of stigmatizing

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Easy to read and loaded with examples from the authors' own experience, the book is a thorough and detailed primer for employer branding.
In fact, branding is so important to the company, it has a global committee made up of senior executives from every continent who are constantly engaged in monitoring how CBRE is branded and how it is positioned in the market.
Overall, the branding effort has been well received among USDA Rural Development employees as well as within USDA as a whole.
Flying Color, a marketing consultancy concentrating on helping leading brands in Japan integrate interactive media, Internet, mobile and email into their marketing and branding initiatives, is taking a strident approach to the issue.
We have seen in the past 10 years an explosion in the branding of services -- of an airline experience, of investment banking services, and now, increasingly, of legal services.
Tim Ambler in his article "Are Branding and Marketing Synonymous?
Meanwhile, the Big Six also have better branding focus than most companies outside the accounting industry, Horowitz says.
Person-to-person branding is now more important, and we must deliver more consistent communications and more consistent service as companies get more one-on-one.
The answer may be a branding strategy based on line extension, price promotion, and customized advertising and retail display.
Today, ID Branding, a full-service branding agency, announced that client SAIF Corporation has unveiled the first phase of a long-term initiative designed by ID Branding to align the company's internal culture with its communication to external audiences.
Many had strong branding strategies that may have become ineffective or obsolete in today's environment of mergers and acquisitions, global marketing, and increased competition.
The creative branch of the Brand Management division is Busby Ltd, an Apparel Design House comprised of young veterans of the Graphic Design, Fashion, Marketing and Branding world.
Brand Connections Snow Sports will reach active consumers with a holistic branding experience utilizing a fully integrated, turnkey network of the highest quality on-mountain, in-resort and in-lodge media products, as well as product placement and the industry's largest experiential marketing tour.