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Antonyms for branded

(of goods and merchandise) marked or labeled by a distinctive word or symbol indicating exclusive rights

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marked with a brand


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When strangers looked curiously at the scarlet letter and none ever failed to do so -- they branded it afresh in Hester's soul; so that, oftentimes, she could scarcely refrain, yet always did refrain, from covering the symbol with her hand.
If not, I will apply to the chancellor, I will apply to the king, I will apply to the hangman, I will move the courts against you, I will denounce you as branded, I will bring you to trial; and if you are acquitted, well, by the faith of a gentleman, I will kill you at the corner of some wall, as I would a mad dog.
His back very much scarred by the whip; and branded on the thigh and hips in three or four places, thus (J M).
The contemplative atheist is rare: a Diagoras, a Bion, a Lucian perhaps, and some others; and yet they seem to be more than they are; for that all that impugn a received religion, or superstition, are by the adverse part branded with the name of atheists.
Today, the thousands of brokers in 300 offices in 50 different countries around the world are all one happily branded family covered by the CB Richard Ellis umbrella.
Today, if a branded company isn't providing value, the retailer probably will put its own brand on the shelves.
As Charles Newman, senior group manager of market research at Lever Brothers, once said, "You may buy a whole fleet of bakery trucks, but the branded stuff that goes inside is what drives it.