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Synonyms for branching

the act of branching out or dividing into branches

having branches

resembling the branches of a tree

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On IRS examination, however, the taxpayer claimed that a portion of the amount represented the FMV of the branching rights granted to the taxpayer in the acquisition.
It thus appears that the branching has a much greater effect on green strength than carbon black.
In addition, Andy made the case for using shared branching to retain members and increase their use of credit union services.
A) Is established or acquired outside the bank's home State pursuant to the interstate branching authority granted by the Interstate Act or by any amendment made by the Interstate Act to any other provision of law; or
We have built wonderful relationships with these credit unions and we are very delighted to have ValleyStone Credit Union and UMassFive College Federal Credit Union as part of the FSCC shared branching network," stated Sarah Canepa Bang, CEO, FSCC.
offices of foreign banks by (1) limiting any new multistate branching activities to activities more comparable to those of U.
is pleased to announce the addition of Community & Teachers Federal Credit Union in East Providence, RI and Columbus Credit Union in Warren, RI and Wave FCU in Providence, RI to the international shared branching network.
Moreover, if identity of treatment is a prerequisite for national treatment, the question arises as to whether section 231 may be viewed as denying national treatment because it prohibits foreign banks from branching in the United States from their head offices when U.
As the Bank is close to completing its accelerated branching strategy with five branches opened since August of 2004, the overall retail structure has been realigned to provide more operational and marketing support and to ensure VCB remains well-positioned for continued success.
FSCC), and Service Centers Corporation (SCC), a subsidiary of CO-OP Network, have executed a Letter of Intent to form a strategic partnership focused on the delivery of shared branching services to credit unions.
CUSC Credit Union Service Corporation (CUSC) is the credit union movement's largest shared-branching network, representing 55 percent of all national locations and 68 percent of credit unions participating in shared branching.