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pure natural water from a stream or brook

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Tenders are invited for Construction of both side protection wall within RD 00 m to 400 m of MDR offtaking at RD 26480 m and left side protection wall within RD 100 m to 400 m of TFMD offtaking at RD 29618 m of branch water course of Bargarh Distributary under Lump Critical for the year 2018-19 Document cost : INR 6000 EMD value : INR 13500 Opening date : 27 Jan 2018
Tenders are invited for Annual maintenance water supply scheme kaithal town renovation of bill branch water and sewerage at ghandi park kaithal and all other works contingent thereto
Tenders are invited for Repairing of water supply pipe line near Saw Branch water treatment plant sector Sos suits at BSF Campus Masimpur
Tenders are invited for Providing and laying branch water lines for Bamnauli Village and Dhul Siras Village from Dhul Siras Chowk in Dwarka under EE(SW)II.
Tenders are invited for Replacement Of Damaged Main Branch Water Pipe Lines And Making Connection To New Bore No 4
Tenders are invited for Ar And Mo External Water Supply At Afs Hindan Ghaziabad Dg 15 16 Sh Replacement Of Damaged Main Branch Water Pipe Lines And Making Connection To New Bore No 4
The subject of the public contract is the construction of a new branch water ducts in the village Vra ne in local district Hyncice u Vra neho and Emmaus.
Project Benefit: This project will provide auxiliary pumping capacity to the Cow Branch Water Booster Pumping Station, improve system reliability as well as accommodate the
The contract covers the following work: securing the site, excavation and transport of cuttings and their treatment in an approved center, exhaustion, feeder, and branch water of any kind, shields and shoring excavations and / or trenches evacuation, rehabilitation Final pavement, pavement and verges including the provision, upgrading various works, emergency response, providing records of works executed, the necessary applications from dealers and farmer, etc.
According to the results obtained in terms of water quality related to salt content, the Third Branch waters are appropriate for crops such as Zea mays , Triticum , Helianthus annus, Glycine max, Sorghum and Medicago sativa (Boelcke, 1981).