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Like my friend from the coffee shop who recognized the tough choice was the right choice, at NTCA we'll take the oat bran muffin.
However, forego anything that contains poppy seeds if you have to take a urine test that day, and have a nice, safe, bran muffin for breakfast instead.
Whether contagion thoughts focus on a hot fudge sundae, an oat bran muffin or some inedible object, says Nemeroff, at least five "mental models" guide such beliefs:
Served with a choice of a Wild Maine Blueberry Muffin or an Apple Bran Muffin, 4.
He said again he was worried and only offered me coffee and bran muffin money for a trade-in.
Apple Bran Muffin, On the upside, it's got whole grain and wheat bran plus apples, dried cherries, cranberries, and raisins (and it's delish).
VEGETARIAN: honey wheat bun, raisin bran muffin, Garden Salad-To-Go, bleu cheese dressing, house dressing, chow mein noodles, Sunrise Sandwich without meat, some of the salad bar offerings
Other bran brands added are Bran Muffin Crisp and a 1986 intro, Raisin Nut Bran.
They serve it with a fresh-baked apple bran muffin and two farm-fresh Grade A eggs, prepared just the way you like them, plus your choice of turkey sausage patties, thick-sliced, hickory-smoked bacon, smoked sausage patties or turkey sausage patties all for just $6.
The irresistible Apple Bran Muffin supplies 7 grams of fiber from whole wheat flour, apples, and cherries.
Friday: Swedish meatballs, parsleyed noodles, Normandy vegetables, tossed salad, bran muffin, banana.
General Mills has also recently introduced Bran Muffin Crisp.
This is served with an apple raisin bran muffin, seedless grapes, a whole Gala apple, two farm-fresh Grade A eggs cooked to order, and thick-sliced, hickory-smoked bacon or turkey sausage patties, all for $6.
Oh well, at least someone's getting pleasure from the bran muffin conversations.
Think about how you'd feel after eating a low fat bran muffin and an apple versus a donut.