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Bramblings are one of our most distinctive winter visitors with their orange, black and white plumage - and yellow beaks.
Mild Redwings, bramblings and waxwings all dived down the rankings, although the RSPB believes this may have more to do with the mild conditions in Europe over the winter, reducing the need for these birds to fly to the UK.
A Lapland Bunting and a Snow Bunting were on the Great Orme, with Bramblings here and at several other locations, passing through Wales en route to Scandinavia.
The role of predation risk in stopover habitat selection in migrating Bramblings, Fringilla montifringilla.
Yet, multiple lines of evidence suggest avian species other than the usual suspects (waterfowl and poultry) contributed to the emergence of these novel H7N9 viruses: first, H7N9 has been isolated from nonpoultry birds (pigeons) in Chinese live-bird markets (11); second, 2 genes (PA, PB2) in an initially characterized human isolate (A/Anhui/1/2013) were most closely related to viruses isolated from bramblings (finch-like birds of the large order Passeriformes) (12); and third, the matrix, polymerase acidic protein [PA], PB1 and PB2 gene segments from additional human isolates appear to have been donated by A/brambling/Beijing/16/2012 (H9N2)-like virus(es) (13).
Last winter, the kitchen window bird table in my garden attracted great spotted woodpeckers, long-tailed tits, bramblings, siskins, fieldfares and even a red squirrel that visited every morning.
The semi-detached houses, on land east of The Bramblings at Bomarsund, were refused planning permission by county councillors on the grounds that the site is outside the town's settlement boundary.
Bramblings have been reported in several readers' gardens along the north coast and two Great Grey Shrikes are back in Clocaenog Forest for another winter; it always amazes me how faithful these birds are to the same sites.
And that means only a few lucky people have been able to catch a glimpse of plump-crested waxwings and little bramblings.
Javi Montes's kite in the Pyrenees captures the bird with its wings outstretched, whereas Ewald Neffe's picture of thousands of bramblings is so dense they look like a swarm of bees.
Get ready to greet thousands of birds that will spend the winter here - from fieldfares, redwings and bramblings to ducks, geese and wading birds.
Bramblings have also been scarce in North Wales this winter.