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a railroad employee responsible for a train's brakes

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On Saturday, Canada's coaches pulled brakemen Jesse Lumsden, Cody Sorensen and Ben Coakwell from Canada-1 with driver Chris Spring and put them with Kripps, who had better training times.
That at a time when the Association was trying to get guards 33 shillings a week instead of 26 after six years' service, brakemen hoping for 25 shillings instead of a pound after five years.
Supplement 12 described in detail the duties to be assigned to brakemen and flagmen, including technical operations such as connecting hose and chain attachments, inspecting cars, testing signals and brakes, and opening and closing switches.
Brakemen and conductors tend to strut when they walk.
At Wellington, the air was thick with the colonial past, as indicated by sprawling bungalows and an unmistakable military presence; at Aruvankadu, the station was crowded with a bunch of children, for whom the train is a regular means of transport; and in Ketti, the halfway mark between Coonoor and Ooty, the brakemen took a coffee break, while I wandered around the station and admired the gleaming brass plaque which commemorates the NMR as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
A woman trainman--"one of the ladiest of the lady brakemen," Knowles observed--and a strong opponent of union membership, fell from a PRR passenger train and was paralyzed.
O'Brien traces every element of the railroad: the daring brakemen, who braved icy roofs car by car to stop the train; the engineers; and a clear but thorough explanation of each locomotive and how it worked.
The team's 25 members include train engineers, brakemen and documentation specialists.
In the North and West, firemen and brakemen were initially overwhelmingly white.
219, which was established to report on the 1-day nationwide railroad stoppage last April, the Illinois Central Railroad and the United Transportation Union, which represents the carrier's 1,000 conductors and brakemen, agreed to cut the size of train crews.
Come on, Casey," brakemen would sometimes hear him say in the morning, "don't let 'em get you down.
CN has renewed labour agreements with the UTU section representing brakemen and conductors on the company's Northern Quebec Territory; the Canadian Auto Workers; the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference/Rail Traffic Controllers; and the Canadian National Railways Police Association.
It focuses on the engineers, conductors, firemen, and brakemen who operated the trains and the unions that represented them, the "Big Four" railroad brotherhoods, in the last decades of the nineteenth century.
UTU members are employed by freight railroads, Amtrak, commuter railroads, bus companies and airlines and include railroad brakemen, conductors and locomotive engineers.
Racine and Bakken will race here with Gea Johnson and Vonetta Flowers, brakemen who began their bobsled careers with Warner after she recruited them to the sport.