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a railroad employee responsible for a train's brakes

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Works with printer / brakeman machines on single conductor, OPGW, beam configuration and HTLS,
Knowles, "The Lady Brakeman," American Heritage 46 (July-Aug.
The first test run down a new sliding track is a big moment - and who better to take it than Pierre, one of the world's premier bobsleigh drivers and Justin, his brakeman from Summerland, B.
She won as brakeman for Jill Bakken in 2002, but this time around, Flowers has hooked up with Jean Prahm, and will compete against compatriots Valerie Fleming and Shauna Rohbock.
Mazzi (above) was the brakeman for the USA world bobsledding team that won the four-man national bobsledding championship at Lake Placid.
Clair Dorsey conveyed the suffering an alcoholic brakeman caused his wife: "The sorrow of this good wife was due to the fact that her husband indulged too freely in the liquor habit, and thus deprived his family of much.
When the control function is marginalized, the corporate train may be careening out of control with no brakeman to keep it on the tracks.
He and three other members of the battalion have represented Wales in competition, with Private Richard Brock driving himself and his brakeman to the Novice and Junior Army Championship titles.
But Chris Brakeman salvaged a point for the home side when he equalised a minute later.
12] Since then, the second brakeman has gradually disappeared under unio n agreement through attrition and buyouts.
The 1205th provided an engineer and a brakeman, which allowed for extended rail operations work hours.
His granting priority to an enormously simple human act of kindness reminded me of Professor Brown's monumental folk character "Big Boy" Davis who thinks first to exclude "whuffolks" (white folks) from his imagined heavenly kingdom, only to remember, "But what is he to do/With that red brakeman who once let him ride/An empty going home?
Typical of the era was the assurance a brakeman on a southbound train gave a white passenger in 1925 as they were about to cross the Ohio River: "Then you are in Dixie and ride with no niggers.
These laws provided that a train crew must consist of an engineer, a fireman, a conductor, a brakeman, and a flagman.
She chose Spiritual Lemons, by Lyn Brakeman (Innisfree Press, 1M pages, $12.