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Synonyms for brainless

Synonyms for brainless

displaying a complete lack of forethought and good sense

Synonyms for brainless

not using intelligence


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Luke Wright brainlessly picked Gordon Muchall out on the deep square leg boundary and when Mustard ran across the slips to take Steve Magoffin's edge it looked like Sussex might earn themselves a day off by surrendering early.
Just on the break the Kiwi fly-half brainlessly tried to ship the ball out to Ugo Monye just 10 yards out when the only real option was to boot it into the stands.
Boss Javier Clemente's relegationhaunted side had given as good as they got and, when Sergio Ramos brainlessly handled inside the box, there was only going to be one outcome.
It's the bane of every manager's life that players too often behave brainlessly when the consequences of error are so high.
But that is the least of the reasons why bidding to stage the Games is possibly the most brainlessly ill-conceived idea the sporting community in this country has ever hit upon.
Captain Hughes then brainlessly lifted the ball straight to Emburey, who had been placed deep in the leg side field by Brearley in case of just such an aberration - 29 for three.
Troughton brainlessly repeated the dismissal next ball.
CHRIS MORGAN tried his level best - or worst - to extinguish the Blades' flickering play-off hopes by brainlessly getting himself sent off at Bramall Lane.
Jon Dakin lifted Dougie Brown over long-off for six but brainlessly spooned the next ball in the same direction, only not so far.
Chairman Alan Sugar's teutonic Messiah ran out of steam faster than Thomas the Tank Engine as Spurs brainlessly fed him a monotonous diet of high, diagonal balls.
Repka was still spitting mad at his luck when he brainlessly crunched Ruud van Nistelrooy just outside the West Ham box minutes later to earn himself a yellow card.
Now even the least talented among us can travel quickly without worry unless, of course, you brainlessly stretch the limits.
Liverpool council thought it dreadful that people wanted to live in houses that were 100 years old and brainlessly began massive demolition.
The result is a reassuring sure-footedness, even in the wettest weather, with traction control and anti-lock braking making sure, unless you are brainlessly reckless, that the car's behaviour is immaculate.