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Synonyms for brainchild

something invented

Synonyms for brainchild

a product of your creative thinking and work


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Commenting on today s events, Burson-Marsteller Africa Chairman and CEO, Robyn de Villiers, said: Today s launch of Brainchild Burson-Marsteller is an exciting step for Burson-Marsteller Africa and our longstanding exclusive affiliate, Fireworks Advertising and PR Limited, the holding company of Brainchild Burson-Marsteller.
In a meeting held at the global headquarters in Chicago, Sheehy informed the management of Brainchild Communications that SMG is looking at Pakistan much more deeply.
For additional information about Tori Allen, Brainchild Associates (BrainchildAssociates.
This is the brainchild of Sydney trained, California-based prefab enthusiast and architectural scientist, Michael Sylvester.
Tonight is the brainchild of Jai Tanju, and it's a great idea executed flawlessly.
The brainchild of Jim Robertson, a parishioner and lawyer, Altarwalk is a liturgical sculpture consisting of nine stations, each of them with a reflective reading and a metaphorical illustration of a theme.
Topsail" is "truly Poindexter's brainchild," comments John Arquilla, an intelligence expert at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.
It was the brainchild of Chief Academic Officer Christopher Washington.
The brainchild of City of Seattle Family and Youth Services Division and professors at Shoreline Community College, Early Reading First works because of its participants' common mission--to help every child become an efficient reader and writer.
This program, brainchild of the County Supervisor of Elections in 2002, allows a group full charge of one of the County's 120+ precincts.
The Methuselah Mouse Prize is chiefly the brainchild of Aubrey de Grey, a theoretical biogerontologist at Cambridge University.
The program is the brainchild of Basset Hound Productions and the Hot Springs Music Festival in central Arkansas.
What began in his hometown of Canton, Ohio, his brainchild project named the Free Tree Program, has blossomed into a nationwide movement.
The "Chuck It" recycling program is the brainchild of Paul Mobley, a sophomore mechanical engineering major from Raleigh, N.
Their new venture, Brainchild Design Lab, offers consulting services to the operators of Halloween attractions as well as providing customers with inflatable attractions like the Beast.