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a difficult problem

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He is currently working on a games/activity booklet, featuring his own line of unique brain-teasing games, slated for a late January release.
Drinkers are then better at solving brain-teasing quizzes and coming up with imaginative solutions to problems than they are sober.
CRUSHO3D: A Puzzle With Another Dimension is a platform game that gives you the ability to change from 2D to 3D as you try to solve brain-teasing puzzles.
OUR amazing brain-teasing Culture Quiz 2011 appears in tomorrow's edition of The Journal.
Susan Strickland's office is filled with toys and puzzles, including several Rubik's cubes, the kind of brain-teasing exercises that keep the mind limber.
It features pulse-pounding stories about Anakin and Asoka as well as great brain-teasing puzzles with a chance to win super prizes
Uma has to compete against other state winners in the national final of the competition, which included a brain-teasing anatomy exam, doctor-patient diagnosis and a neuroscience quiz.
This week, the bar was raised even higher with a brain-teasing mystery testing the investigative powers of Botswana's No1 Lady Detective to the limits.
type of riddles, to the longer brain-teasing puzzles
The first edition of Michael Clark's Paradoxes from A to Z was a best-seller, and any library or individual who missed this collection of brain-teasing puzzles will thus welcome this second edition, which includes ten new paradoxes from Muddy Children to Self-Amendment paradox.
A "must-have" for intermediate to advanced woodworkers seeking to create truly brain-teasing gifts.
In Syriana, writer/director Stephen Gaghan has crafted a brain-teasing political thriller, starring Clooney, about what nations and corporations are willing to do for a shrinking pool of oil.
Cole's take on the scorned-woman song cycle - a concept staffed previously by Tammy Wynette, Millie Jackson and Keys, to name a few - opens with the powerhouse punch of two of the year's best urban pop tracks, the booming, horn-fueled ``(I Just Want It) To Be Over'' and the West-produced ``I Changed My Mind,'' the latter peppered with a brain-teasing sample of Solomon Burke's reading of Allen Toussaint's ``Get Out of My Life, Woman.
When it comes to mastering a Superior Jigsaw, the company claims that the whimsies, together with other brain-teasing features, make their 250-piece puzzles the equivalent of a standard-cut 1, 000 piece jigsaw.
Urs, Dice, and Polyominoes: Topics in the Theory of Groups, Residues, Primes, & Probability is an anthology of brain-teasing mathematical puzzles and solutions, written by expert mathematician and instructor Barr McCutcheon.