brain truster

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an expert adviser involved in making important decisions but usually lacking official status

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It is true that FDR, his Brain Trusters, and much of the American Left found a great deal to admire in Mussolini's experiments.
Reveling in their new-found powers, the Brain Trusters took great delight in dictating not only the price of gold, but of virtually everything else, as well.
Roosevelt's brain trusters on the left to Catholic corporatists on the right, Americans considered him a social reformer.
He was smart enough to realize that neither he nor any Brain Trusters were capable of running the economy.
The New Deal was a grand experiment carried out for its own sake as much as for impoverished Americans, and the Brain Trusters exuded an improvisational enthusiasm that masked the purpose of the revolutionaries in power: "Like a hagfish," Garrett wrote, "the New Deal entered the old form and devoured its meaning from within.