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Morriston Hospital will continue to treat emergency patients with minor or intermediate head injuries or conditions and carry out routine brain surgery procedures.
It might not be brain surgery - but it's almost as expensive
57m tall, reportedly started growing after undergoing brain surgery, which stimulated his pituitary gland
Radiosurgery enables surgeons to treat tumors that would be inaccessible with conventional brain surgery and allows them to treat patients who are too frail or elderly to withstand open brain surgery.
Surgeons yesterday successfully carried out brain surgery on Birmingham City Football Club's chief executive, Karren Brady.
But when she receives a message from her old friends in the Smoke, she's reminded of her mission: to test a cure for the brain surgery that dulls the minds of pretties.
Nola is recovering from brain surgery in a Toronto hospital when her significant other Ritchie forces her to leave and go to Ruth Wilmarth's Upstate New York dairy farm to talk to his brother.
In the board's members, too, Burke found a group of dedicated and generous Catholics, including one who never missed a meeting despite suffering from the progressive symptoms of Lou Gehrig's disease and another who participated in a conference call the day after brain surgery.
A teenager who underwent brain surgery has been nominated for our Young Achiever Award.
The 21-year-old underwent brain surgery at Walsgrave Hospital yesterday and was still critically ill with multiple fractures to his skull today.
Medical robots have been used in a few abdominal surgeries, but this was the first brain surgery using a robot, Hitachi claims.
Timothy Vollmer, performed brain surgery on a woman with MS to transplant Schwann cells into a lesion in her brain.
The analogy applies to less drastic circumstances than brain surgery, of course.
The spread of the state-of-the-art brain surgery to Latin America may eventually make the treatment available to the masses there but White isn't worried about losing patients--just yet.
Once neurosurgeons began performing spinal procedures with Coblation technology, they immediately suggested that our products might work better than conventional tools in brain surgery," said Michael A.