brain drain

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depletion or loss of intellectual and technical personnel

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I believe that in the medium term, we will be able to stop the process of brain drain," assured Volodymyr Groysman.
Elementary students of labour economics can easily figure out the macroeconomic impact of such brain drain.
Brain drain - brain drain - "For many people capital means money, shares of a particular company, bank account or real estate" [Kelo & Wachter, 2004].
Keywords: brain drain, brain gain, OECD and UE countries, Romania, statistical data, sociological research
Immediate measures need to be taken to stop brain drain or human capital flight, which is on the rise in Pakistan.
Keywords: Human capital, brain drain, inequality, institutional impact, political economy
This House recommends that the government should take immediate steps to stop brain drain from the country,' said the resolution.
Key Words: Medical brain drain, Diaspora option, Diaspora network, Brain circulation
Oberoi SS, Lin V Brain drain of doctors from Southern Africa: brain gain for Australia.
BEIRUT: At a time when brain drain poses one of Lebanon's biggest social and economic threats, Hyundai called on local tech entrepreneurs and innovators to participate in a first-of-its-kind startup competition that would spur a wave of brain gain.
Since the end of the World War II, Europe has been repeatedly afflicted by waves of brain drain, with varying degrees of intensity across time and countries.
The aim of the present study is to investigate the leading factors behind the brain drain in Balochistan.
More Iranians than any other nationality group getting science and engineering (S&E) doctorates in the United States plan to stay in the US and not go home, according to a new survey of such graduates, detailing the extent of the brain drain to the United States.
SIR - The article in your November 17 issue entitled "Student brain drain to universities in England" should not surprise anyone.
However, Bhargava and Docquier (2007) claim that studying the overall brain drain hides substantial heterogeneity across industry sectors from country to country, citing as examples the emigration of nurses from the Philippines and information technology professionals from India.