brain dead

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having irreversible loss of brain function as indicated by a persistent flat electroencephalogram

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Their heart may still be beating, (and) is still beating in that they don't breathe, they're brain dead.
Ultimately, it was concluded that Tara had been brain dead for many months prior to the autopsy.
Bahrain people and hospitals would be urged to report cases of clinically brain dead patients and prepare relatives to ensure early donation.
As the young man was being prepared for organ transplantation, his cousins, who were both nurses, noticed that his vitals appeared to be improving and that he did not match their experience of typical brain dead patients.
A former champion boxer shot in the head after asking three men to stop smoking is now brain dead and will have his life support machine switched off today, his solicitor said last night.
His body is still fighting on but I'm afraid he is to all intents and purposes brain dead, clinically dead.
She had to make that decision when she was approached by an organ-donation worker after he was declared brain dead.
Gupta, we should explain again, in your--medically, is a brain dead person dead?
This tells me he is far from being brain dead, it tells me that he is a professional driver who drives on public roads from Monday to Saturday without any major problems.
BRITISH bomb victim Graham Carter today faced fresh heartache -after learning that his fiancee was brain dead.
The warning comes after an anaesthetist said he would not carry an organ donor card until anaesthetic is routinely given to all organ donors diagnosed as brain dead.
On Monday, Kyorin doctors determined that the woman was clinically brain dead, and informed the Organ Transplant Network and the family later that day.
The detainee had been arrested and transported to the county detention center and the following day was declared brain dead.
The mother, who was 30, was certified as brain dead shortly after being admitted with a brain haemorrhage.
Obuchi also said he will accept as a solemn fact the decision by doctors Thursday that a patient who has given written consent for her organs to be used in transplant operations was not brain dead.