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trimming used to decorate clothes or curtains

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They want to keep us out because they don't like the competition and because we do it better," says Ceesay, who left Serrekunda in Gambia in 1995 to move to North Carolina, where she opened the African Nubian Queens Hair Braiding Salon.
Since Brantley began braiding hair for a living in 1980, state regulations have made it difficult for her - and braiders across Texas - to practice the trade openly.
The sentence from Constance implies that braiding, in relation to other textile work such as weaving, might have been considered a menial task.
The charges for braiding can vary from QR300 to QR700 depending on the size of strands and style.
During the 1970s, the engineers designing braiding machines began to develop other new braiding machines.
The enhancement created by Trinity Braiding is achieved by placing a braided graphite `wrap' at three key support points on the racquet's bridge and throat.
The line features a braiding method called CableLock that is reminiscent of sailing rope.
Advances in Braiding and Preforming Lead Composites News at SAMPE
Soon, the technique was adapted to braiding scraps, remnants and rags from worn clothing.
Braiding machines haven't changed much in the past century and hand-sewing is done primarily on Singer Zig-Zag sewing machines which are an industrial-strength version of the ones used by home sewers for at least 40 years.
Continue braiding until you reach the nape of gout neck and secure with a tiny elastic.
But we look at braiding as simply a manufacturing process, one that can create many different textured looks and styles.
Other newsworthy topics at the meeting included a new laminate design for vibration-damping composites, improved hardware and software for 3-D braiding and complex-shape filament winding, microwave and electron-beam curing, new methods of real-time cure monitoring, five-axis routers, and a novel nondestructive test method.
Atlantic Research Corporation (ARC) has applied its automated 3D Through-the- Thickness(R) braiding technology to produce lightweight composite truss section decking.
According to Suzy Bangs, Robin's vice president of national sales, the new braiding equipment will allow Robin to make different types of tubular braided products.